Monday, April 25, 2011

Annie Gets Her Grove Back

Maya's Farm

As I sit here ready to post my introductory piece into a medium that I am unfamiliar with, I find myself nervous and thrilled at the same time.  Exposing my intimate ideas and thoughts for public criticism is not a comfortable feeling.  I never kept a journal growing up so I find myself struggling to compose my words and content in a place called cyber world.  

The pressure we put on ourselves to make our lives structured and perfect is exhausting.  Most of us can agree that all we have successfully accomplished is making our lives routine by squeezing out excitement, joy and moments of peace.  Little by little though, we can add beauty, pleasure and peace of mind back into our lives, our homes and especially our hearts. How do we accomplish this? By doing small and enjoyable things each day and making time for ourselves.

My major in college was Fine Arts however, in this past year; I have been on the lazy side of creativeness. I lack the accountability of a schedule to drive my artistic edge.  This blog is my first step towards committing to a schedule that will move my sense of creative endeavors back on track.  I am counting on it being a vessel for the rebirth my soul has needed.   

I enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds me every day, regardless of what is going on in my life.  Therefore, my intent is to chronicle and share daily discoveries through stories that reflect laughter and love, the beauty of nature and the arts. I will use a variety of traditional mediums from cooking, gardening, and photography, to Arts & Crafts.  I hope that my site will stimulate a revitalization of imagination for others as well. 

Creative genius can sometimes begin silently within ones thoughts. Other times, just gathering scraps, tools and various elements will provide a new and exciting direction.  I have to admit that allowing inspiration be the springboard of design gives birth to the most successful pieces.  After all, “the act of expression, no matter the outcome, is the true destiny of an artist”. 

   Lilacs and Laughter --- conjures up memories of the women who have contributed to the woman I am today. My great-grandmother, whose favorite flower was lilacs, my grandmothers, my mother, sister, sister in-law, nieces and friends are to me, the scent of the lilacs. The laughter comes from the contentment, laughter and joy they bring to my soul each day.  
They have provided wisdom through patience, unconditional love, responsibility, and a unique variety of their own creative abilities. Through them, I have learned to cook, bake, sew, paint, crochet, and the purest of pleasures --- gardening.  They have taught me about the simplicity of elegance.  I am not saying that I have not had great male influences; I have. However, that tale I will save for a future post. 

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